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Courage Center
Since 2008, Aldea has been fortunate to house Napa’s Courage Center in partnership with Napa County’s District Attorney’s Office. The Courage Center of Napa is a Nationally Accredited Children Advocacy Center of California. The Courage Center has provided child victims of sexual and physical abuse with a safe friendly location where interviews and physical examinations can be conducted. At Courage Center services are provided with the victims in mind creating an environment sensitive to their needs.

Aldea Children & Family Services improves people’s mental health so they can strengthen their relationships and become engaged in the community. Through critical mental health, treatment foster care and adoption, and support services, Aldea helps more than 3,900 people annually in Napa and Solano counties who face obstacles to accessing and receiving effective treatment.

Cope Family Center 
COPE FAMILY CENTER is a family resource center located in Napa, California. Our mission is to empower parents, nurture children and strengthen communities. We provide parents with the education, resources and support they need to raise children who thrive. 

All parents experience stress from time to time. The demands of parenting and the challenges that life brings can be overwhelming. Despite parents’ best intentions, their struggles can impact their children. Cope is here to help parents manage stressful situations and challenging life events so they can give their children a brighter future.


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