We envision a community that is safe and free from violence and victimization. We aim to create a collaborative community that works together to ensure that all survivors have access equal justice and to the resources they need to heal and to thrive.


The Monarch Justice Center is a collaboration of public and private professionals dedicated to easing the burden that systems and lack of access to resources place on survivors domestic violence, human trafficking, elder abuse and sexual assault. We believe when we reduce barriers, improve the systemic response to these crimes, and listen to the voices of survivors, we will create a more safe, equitable and just community where all survivors can heal and thrive.


Napa’s leaders in government, education, the nonprofit community and business started dreaming about a better way to serve our community in late 2014. We recognized that access to compassionate service was unequal, inequitable, and burdensome. We aimed to gently transform an overly complex and inconvenient system all while honoring the dignity of our community members. Monarch Justice Center opened its doors in July of 2019 and is privileged to serve, to honor and promote an even more extraordinary and empathetic Napa Valley.


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