Resource Library

Suggested Reading

The Rape Recovery Handbook: Step-by-Step Help for Survivors of Sexual Assault by Aphrodite, Ph.D. Matsakis

Child Sexual Abuse
The Courage to Heal-Third Edition-Revised and Expanded: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Ellen Bass, Laura Davis

Safety for Stalking Victims: How to Save Your Privacy, Your Sanity, and Your Life by Lyn Bates

Male Survivors
Victims No Longer (Second Edition): The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse by Mike Lew, M. Ed.

Ritual Abuse
Safe Passage to Healing: A Guide for Survivors of Ritual Abuse by Chrystine Oksana

Significant Others
Family and Friends’ Guide to Domestic Violence: How to Listen, Talk and Take Action When Someone You Care About is Being Abused by Elaine Weiss Paperback

What About Me? A Guide for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse by Grant Cameron

When You Are the Partner of a Rape or Incest Survivor: A Workbook for You by Robert Barry Levine

Families in Recovery: Healing the Damage of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Beverly Engel, Beverly Engel MFT


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