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Bilingual Service Navigator
Monarch Justice Center, Napa
Job Title: Bilingual Service Navigator
Department: Monarch Justice Center
Reports To: Monarch Justice Center Director, NEWS Executive Director
Status: Full time, non-exempt
Compensation: $47,840 to $56,160 annual salary
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Ins.
Resumes: Please send cover letters & resumes to

Agency Description: The Monarch Justice Center (MJC) is a collaboration of public and private professionals dedicated to easing the burden that systems and lack of access to resources place on survivors of domestic violence, child maltreatment, human trafficking, elder abuse, and sexual assault. By reducing barriers, improving the systemic response to crimes, and listening to the voices of survivors, we will create a safer, more equitable and just community. The newly opened Monarch Justice Center (MJC) now serves as the heart of a comprehensive service delivery system made up of public and private agency partners throughout the Napa Valley, providing a gateway to safety, healing, and empowerment for those who have been abused.
Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Monarch Justice Center Director, this position shall provide clients with direct resources and referrals to victim services.

Essential Duties:
1. Greet all clients at the Monarch Justice Center face to face, by phone, or via electronic mail in order to provide intake and needs assessments.
2. Identify applicable services available to clients based on intake and make appropriate referrals.
3. Provide clients with information and referrals for service including counseling, crisis assessments, interventions, restraining orders, housing, emergency assistance, case management, safety planning, etc.
4. Create and maintain a database of active service providers in Napa County.
5. Act as a liaison between victims with their advocates for services to support victims and contact resource partners to schedule referral services on behalf of clients.
6. High level of engagement and confidentiality needed in interactions with clients throughout the entire process.
7. Provide administrative support services alongside other duties as necessary to ensure effective operations of the Monarch Justice Center.
8. Assist with, collect, and track victim demographics in accordance with all grant and donor requirements.
9. Assist with data reporting to grant funders and donors that may request reports.
10. Assist with the development of materials used within the Monarch Justice Center, such as client referral forms, operating manuals, confidentiality forms, etc.
11. Promote community awareness of the MJC through outreach and at events.
12. Maintain client records and track referral information.
13. Conduct follow-up and client outreach to ensure proper provision of services.
14. Create surveys and collect survey data from clients to improve MJC services.

Agency Duties:
1. Research, develop, and maintain good working relationships with providers from other agencies and systems.
2. Provide orientation to new on- and off-site partners; provide tours and MJC education to donors and other interested parties.
3. Identify gaps in service or processes and make improvements as needed.
4. Maintain and manage logs for resources utilized in compliance with industry standards.
5. Participate actively in all required staff meetings and training opportunities.
6. Maintain all current licensing and/or professional certification requirements.
7. Abide by all provisions of the Personnel Manual.
8. Perform other related duties needed as assigned.

Education and Experience:
1. A four-year degree from an accredited university in human services, criminal justice, social work, or relevant field, OR 3 years work experience with one or all of the following: victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder and dependent adult abuse, child maltreatment, or human trafficking.
2. Skills in problem solving; ability to analyze situations effectively and take appropriate action.
3. Ability to work independently as well as within a cohesive team setting and to maintain confidentiality at all times.
4. Self-starter with a proactive, solutions-oriented mindset. Asking questions encouraged.
5. Dependable & detail-oriented.
6. Strong drive to serve community preferred.
7. Must be comfortable serving culturally diverse populations.
Language and Communication Skills:
1. Non-judgmental listening and crisis intervention skills.
2. Excellent communication & collaboration skills.
3. Strong oral and written English and Spanish language skills are required.
Computer Skills, Certificates, Licenses, & Registrations
1. Must be able to operate basic office equipment & software.

Physical Demands:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations can be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Employee is required to talk and hear, and use hands and fingers to operate a computer and telephone keyboard. Employee may be required to help move small items less than 45 lbs.

Work Environment:
Monarch is dedicated to providing safety, hope, healing and empowerment for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Equally, Monarch is committed to promoting safe communities and social change through prevention, intervention, education, and advocacy throughout Napa County. It is our belief that in order to promote respect within the lives of those we serve, we must first start by respecting and honoring those we work with here at Monarch.

1. Occasional conference or other off site training required
1. Fingerprinting and criminal background check
2. Valid Driver’s License
3. 65 hour domestic violence and sexual assault counselor training (on the job training provided)
4. Standing and sitting intermittently throughout the 8-hour shift.
5. Repetitive finger movements, regular computer keyboard use.
6. Limited bending and stooping.

Equal Employment Opportunity
NEWS is an equal opportunity employer. Federal and State laws and the Agency’s policy prohibit employment discrimination against applicants for employment and employees on the basis of age, ancestry, sex/gender (including gender identity,) pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, marital status, registered domestic partner status, medical condition related to cancer or genetic characteristic, national origin, physical or mental disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or veterans’ status. Discrimination is also prohibited on the basis of a perception that a person has any of the above characteristics.

Intent of Job Description
Please note: this position is not limited to the duties described above. Duties and responsibilities may be changed, expanded, reduced, or deleted to meet the business needs of the MJC. This job description uses the terms “victim”, “client”, and “survivor” interchangeably.




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